Effective SEO strategies and techniques lead to Better

organic web traffic.

Gaining higher Google rankings to get the best organic web traffic takes time, but it is very beneficial in the long run.

As a leading seo agency in Barcelona, we combine an in-depth understanding of search engine algorithms with a strong focus on usability to optimize your site for search engines and human visitors alike.

Want to know how you can start getting better organic traffic?

Establish Your Brand’s Presence With The Right SEO Strategies

BarSEOlona will help you improve your brands’ visibility and outshine your competitors. Our SEO agency is composed of experts in the field, having both understanding and technical skills for SEO.

We will help you build your brand by raising your business page’s visibility through our SEO services in Barcelona, Spain and beyond.

Your Benefits

Increased Rankings

In order to raise your Google ranking, you need to implement the right SEO strategies. A properly executed SEO strategy will improve your organic traffic and website positioning. 

More Visitors

An increase in the traffic or number of visits to your website. In combination with an improved landing page design, this results in an increase in customers’ conversions. 

New Loyal Customers

Eventually this leads to an increased loyal group of customers. Your increasing loyal group of customers will slowly become a strong foundation for your brand's trust and reputation.

SEO Services from Barcelona - Centered Around Your Business Needs

For our seo agency Barcelona is the base of our activities. We believe that our clients need a unique digital marketing strategy to grow their business. This belief is also true for our clients’ search engine optimization needs. There’s no absolute formula that fits all, and that is why all our SEO strategies are always customized for you.

In order to create an SEO strategy to fit your needs, we first conduct an audit to know your websites’ visibility, positioning, competitors, visits, and web positioning.

Here are some of the search engine optimization strategies we will implement to improve your web traffic.

SEO Audit

We will analyze your websites’ current SEO rankings. The analysis reports on search engines will give us a clear picture of your current web positioning, web design, Google ranking, and top competition. Knowing these things will serve as our baseline results and act as a guide in planning actions to improve the web positioning of your business.

After establishing the baseline results from search engines, we will be studying your on-site webpage data, content tags, descriptions, and links. We would then create a list of problems found and create a list of recommendations on how to fix the listed problem or improve the existing data.

Content Audit

Our local Barcelona SEO team checks your websites’ contents, such as articles, blog posts, and technical studies. Then we will be comparing it to the top trending keywords on your niche and target audience. After comparison, we will be creating recommendations on improving the current on-site content and keeping up with trends on search engines.

Besides comparing the keyword trends found on search engines, we will also be checking the quality of your existing content. We will advise you on possible improvements to be made, like your content’s relevance to the trends, its alignment with your goals, its accuracy, and the success details. 

Technical Audit

This technical SEO audit helps you create an in-depth analysis by crawling your business’ website and checking all your link building. After a thorough crawl of your site, we will be analyzing how you index or how you fare against the algorithm of Google. 

We can help you analyze the quality of your website traffic. Factors such as average time spent on your page per visitor, hosting response time, backlinks, and referrals will all be considered. We will then make a list of possible reasons for poor results and recommendations that need to be done to improve your results in search engines.

Keyword Research

We will use your brand niche and target market as the basis for finding the suited keywords or key phrases. We will be using search engine results of Google to know all the top keywords or key phrases for your brand.

Using the top keywords and top key phrases, we will conduct additional research on the web on what’s the most asked or most talked about topics and queries about those keywords. Our SEO keyword research also includes studying the content and word density of the top competitor pages that talk about those topics and questions.

Content Creation

Our Barcelona SEO agency also has experts that will help in content creation for your business. From our years of experience as a marketing agency, we know that content marketing is essential for all companies. Quality content slowly builds trust as it gives customers a user experience.

We can publish blog posts and articles for your page. Our SEO service includes optimizing web design, images, and videos in WordPress to give you a better edge against the competition.

Keyword Mapping

Benefit from our experience to ensure that all researched keywords and key phrases suited to your business are assigned strategically. From our experience as an SEO agency, we know that strategically placed keywords will rank better with the search results of Google. 

Our web positioning services include checking each keyword's relevance to each page, removing duplicate content to avoid saturation, and understanding your target market’s intent. We also check if the keywords on each page are aligned with the planned website structure.

Link Building

After evaluating your SEO link metrics, we will build new links relevant to your brand, repair broken links, and remove bad links to improve your visibility in Google search results effectively. 

As a web positioning agency, we know the importance of link building as an SEO strategy and that is why we take it seriously. Our SEO link building tools and techniques are always ready for every project. 

SEM Services To Catalyze Your Business Development

In order to complement our SEO techniques, we also have Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in our arsenal of digital marketing services. 

Unlike SEO, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a marketing strategy in which you bid for ads or pay-per-click (PPC) in Google AdWords. You can see these ads in search engines such as Google.

Although Search Engine Marketing (SEM) comes with advertising costs, results can be seen in a short amount of time compared to SEO strategies.

Campaign Strategy

Our Barcelona group can help you make bidding campaigns within Google AdWords. A well-executed SEM campaign will bring in more traffic, boost sales, and capture leads at the bottom of the marketing funnel.

A/B Testing

We can help you evaluate the performance of your marketing funnel and improve it. Improving your marketing funnel is essential in boosting sales. Aside from increased conversions, A/B testing will also help improve user engagement.

Paid Keyword Research

We can help you choose the right keywords to bid on Google Ads. Our analysis will show you the relevance of keywords to your digital project or campaign. We will also guide you to the trending keywords in search engines and costs per click to get better web positioning than your competitors.

Advanced Audience Targeting

We can help you reach out to the right audience that is interested in the project, product, or service that you are working on. The interests, habits, demographics, and recent searches are all taken into consideration during the process. Advanced targeting will bring in more leads that are more likely to convert than others.

Ready to start?

Getting results from SEO services takes time. But when done efficiently and properly, the returns will surely be worth it.

If you’re looking for an SEO partner that you can rely on, you can never go wrong in choosing BarSEOlona as your partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do SEO myself?

Yes, you can do SEO yourself, but without the right tools and expertise, you will only scratch the surface of what is possible. It requires continuous actions of improvement in order to be ahead of the competition, so unless you dispose of the time, the knowledge and the necessary software, your ROI will be much higher using the services of an SEO agency. 

Contact us for a free consultation. Let us help you with your SEO needs while you work on other aspects of your brand or business.

Is SEO still relevant in 2021?

Yes! SEO is a method that brings evergreen results to a page when done correctly. 

When will the effect of an SEO strategy show?

The results of effective SEO will be evident a couple of months from the start. But there will always be some quick wins that give you an inmediate improvement. 

In general, be patient with the results of your SEO, because the idea is to build sustainable value. Going to agressive from the beginning can cause serious harm to your project, so be careful selecting the right partner!

If you are looking for short-term results, then consider ppc marketing, for example with a Google Adwords campaign. Depending on your business goals, we often emplement this alongside the SEO measures, because there are a lot of synergy effects between the two.

The niche, target market, competitors, target keywords, and key phrases should be taken into account when waiting for the result.

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