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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Rank better on search engines and gain more organic traffic.

Our digital marketing agency is well-equipped with the right SEO strategies, services, tools, and knowledge to help you get the best web positioning in Google. We can also help you fill your web page with SEO relevant content.


Search engines have played a large role as channels for building a strong online presence. Better ranking in search engines, like Google, means more organic web traffic resulting in more sales profit. 

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

We will help you promote your products and services on social networks like Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

In order to reach a wider audience on the internet, your business must build active communication on social media sites. Through communicating on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you’ll receive feedback from your target market. This feedback helps in forming a business strategy to increase the sales performance of your product.

An active social media presence indirectly improves the SEO performance of your page through link sharing.

Search Engine Marketing / Pay-Per-Click (SEM / PPC)

Our Barcelona team can help you effectively bid for ads to maximize your visibility in search engine results.

Unlike SEO, search engine marketing or SEM does not rely on the organic internet traffic to drive customers into your website channels. Instead, search engine marketing drives customers into your page through Google ads on the search engine results page.

Using Google ads can be quite challenging to do since it’s being bid upon by different brands. But using the right tools and strategy, we can help you select the best keywords for your services and products while balancing the cost of ads and sales.

Digital Web Design

Our Barcelona team can help design your page to capture your target audience by not capturing them. 

We know it’s counter-intuitive. But from our years of experience in advertising and web development, we know that customers prefer to have control over their internet viewing experience and tend to skim over the web page contents. And that is why simplicity in our digital design is our main focus to create a better user experience.

And unlike the traditional design agency that is focused solely on the aesthetic of your website, our web design incorporates all the important aspects of converting customers like SEO, email marketing, and web architecture.

Email Marketing

Our Barcelona digital agency offers a service that can help you nurture leads through active email marketing campaigns.

Unlike some digital marketing agency founded on the belief that email marketing is ineffective, we know better. Email marketing is the best and most effective marketing strategy to stay in contact with potential leads.

Using emails to market your brand has many advantages associated with it. Proper usage of emails can increase sales, generate new leads, and will help create loyal brand followers. Unlike when using social networks, using emails does not need further customer engagement.

Digital Branding

Our Barcelona team can help you establish a long-lasting brand identity through branding.

Branding is a combination of linking values and effective communication to the target audience.

We can help you do so by planning actions to integrate your brand into a community, value, lifestyle, or even a story. These integrated connections will help nurture your customers into loyal ones.

Business Process Management

We can help you manage, analyze, and improve your business systems and workflows. 

Your brand’s success involves not only promotional actions but careful planning to streamline every business process. We are adept at using the right digital tools for customer relationship management and payrolls. Our services also involve risk analysis and reputation management.

about us

A Passionate Barcelona Partner That You Can Trust

We, the BarSEOlona team, is an online marketing agency. Barcelona is our root, our beginning point, and we are ready and eager to build your business with you no matter where you are.


Our digital marketing agency in Barcelona is hard-driven by results and takes pride in bringing successful results to our clients. Our result-driven passion is backed by our policy: “goals first, pay later.” Thus, you can put your full confidence in us as we build your brand and promote your products and services.

In-depth Technical Expertise

Our team is composed of seasoned digital marketing professionals that are up-to-date with the latest marketing trends in the digital world. The technical expertise that we have today was honed through continuous partnerships with Barcelona companies.

Open And Free Communication

Since the beginning of our digital marketing agency in Barcelona, we always work while frankly speaking our minds. So when you choose us as your business partner, expect to experience full transparency on all the aspects and actions of the digital marketing campaign. 

Extensive Marketing Experience

We can help you reach your goals with our business foresight that was developed from years of navigating the digital marketing landscape. Our extensive years of developing companies and industries in Barcelona through marketing services gave us the grit to reach our clients’ goals.


The BarSEOlona Team - Our Vision, Our Passion, Our Belief

Our local Barcelona team is composed of marketing professionals from different cultures and nationalities. Although different, we came together with a single vision, passion, and belief.

We, at BarSEOlona, imagine a future where we reap benefits from the digital project we’ve worked on together with you, our partner clients.

You fuel our marketing services because we believe that your success is our success.


Check what our clients say about us

We are impressed with the team's ability to communicate and provide feedback at all times. BarSEOlona is very knowledgeable in SEO, and we got quick and lasting results. 

Measuring success in SEO is often obscure, but the metrics they provide are very transparent.

Megha Sharma

Agencies have a tendency to overpromise and under deliver. But when we went to meet BarSEOlona, they had all the right questions and delivered more than expected.

Besides putting together a fantastic website and strongly improving our organic rankings, the best thing about working with a company like that is that they genuinely care.

Our partnership with BarSEOlona has yielded more and more benefits, as we've gotten to know each other. Each year, we see great improvements.

Duncan Rhodes

Our previous SEO and Social Media management company left us extremely disappointed due to a lack of results and a lack of understanding of our business.

It was crucial for us to choose a company that was reliable and understood our user intent and industry. BarSEOlona delivered when they promised.

Matt Kiefer

Craft your successful business with us. We can be your reliable partner that has the “brains”, “tools, and “passion” to make it happen.

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